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Play Elder Scrolls Online For Free, Unless You Can’t

Elder Scrolls Online is free this weekend for anyone who has yet to make the purchase. Well, not everyone. Xbox One players should have no problem just getting in and starting once the weekend goes live, but everyone else is going to have some issues. First, Playstation 4 players can’t get in on the weekend […]

RuneScape Members Can Pick Up Free Bank Boosters

If you’ve had a hard time dealing with a lack of bank space, your prayers have been answered. As part of today’s update, Jagex has placed two bank boosters on the RuneScape cash shop for free to active subscribers. Members can currently get their hands on three bank boosters for free, a total of 150 […]

Jagex Surveying Buyable Levels For RuneScape

Jagex is polling users to determine interest in buyable levels, although denying that there are plans to introduce the feature in-game. The question popped up in an official survey, which quickly made the rounds on Reddit, prompting a response from Jagex Mod Balance. The purpose of the survey is apparently simply for data collection, with […]

Jagex Silences Solomon Over Player Outrage

Jagex has reigned in an update relating to a cash shop sale after customers complained that the promotion was obnoxious. In order to promote a month-long Solomon Store (cash shop) sale, Jagex placed a Solomon NPC within several cities to banter on about his deals. Players criticized the NPC text as spam, noting that in many […]

[Editorial] Gem Store Update Poorly Introduced, Response Even Worse

The latest gem store update to Guild Wars 2 has had players up in arms, and it’s hard not to sympathize with their position. Previously, buying and selling gems was a process that involved deciding how much you wanted to buy/sell, setting an asking price, and waiting until your order was filled. If you wanted […]

Trion Worlds Reverses Labor Potion Changes

Trion Worlds has released the latest patch notes for ArcheAge, revealing that the labor point potion has been reverted back to its original 12-hour cooldown. This isn’t the first time ArcheAge has seen controversial items altered or outright removed from the cash shop, with Trion Worlds claiming complete control over what is available and at […]

Funcom Management Pulled Mankini

Those of you who follow The Secret World likely already know the story, but last week saw the addition and sudden removal of a mankini outfit from the in-game cash shop as part of the April Fool’s day patch. Not only was the item removed from the game without explanation, it was also removed and […]

Trion Controls ArcheAge Prices

Anytime you have separation point between a publisher and a developer, the question is inevitably raised as to just how much control the publisher has in the relationship. We have seen publishers take over development of a game from its developers all the way down to publishers only capable of forwarding bug reports to the […]

Defiance’s $100 Weapon

Trion’s latest DLC pack has released, ushering in new arenas, new missions, new weapons, and more. What it also brought is a new cash shop item that has members of the community in arms. The Legendary Weapon Kit comes packed with one random legendary weapon and a set of random epic mods for said weapon. […]

World of Warcraft’s Cash Shop Launches

World of Warcraft’s in-game store has arrived in the form of the shop. Right now the cash shop is rather limited, offering access to the standard fluff players have come to know and either love or hate from Blizzard’s web client. Vanity pets run about $10, with mounts at $25, although most items from […]

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