Bad GaaS: Chocobo GP Premium Currency Expires

After five months.

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LOTRO Belays Controversial Changes

Will revisit them at some point.

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Aion Classic Already Selling Currency

You can buy Kinah through the cash shop.

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Hotcakes: Embrace The New World Pay To Win

Amazon opened itself up for future microtransactions.

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Wildstar Dropping NCoin, Picking Up Protobucks

WildStar64 2014-05-08 13-12-45-60

Hot off the heels of NCSoft’s first quarter finances, Carbine Studios has announced that Wildstar is dropping NCoin as its currency of choice for real-world purchases. Beginning May 18th, players will no longer purchase NCoin for Wildstar, nor will your wallet share between NCSoft’s games. Instead, you’ll need to purchase the game-specific currency available at the same rate, except now in its own segregated system.

According to the post, costs of items will remain the same, however the new currency will allow Carbine to introduce bonus tiers. Buy $10 or more in currency and receive bonus Protobucks. For players with NCoin already in their accounts, they have until June 15th in order to convert any NCoin to Protobucks or they will no longer be usable. Bonus Protobucks will be distributed June 22nd based on how much is converted.

One important note is that once NCoin have been converted to Protobucks, they cannot be changed back.

(Source: Wildstar)

Economic Trouble Leads To Steam Trade Restrictions


As the Ruble continues to plummet in value, tech giants are taking notice. In a notice released to the public by Steam Database, Valve has region locked all new purchases made by Steam accounts made by Russian players. While the games may be gifted or traded to players in the same region, they will not be able to transfer the games to those outside of Russia. The region locking is a common response by Valve to prevent people from taking advantage of economic turmoil to buy games at a lower price, and currently includes Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, South America, Turkey, and Southeast Asia.

Apple recently announced that they will be halting online sales in Russia.

(Source: SteamDB)

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