Aion Classic Already Selling Currency

You can buy Kinah through the cash shop.

Aion Classic launched today and everyone wants to know how long it will be until the game legitimizes real money trading. Hold your breath no longer, as the answer is right now. Players may be dismayed or delighted (depending on your preference) to learn that NCSoft is directly selling Kinah (in-game currency) for real money.

Well not completely directly. The Quna shop sells Tough Pink Tiger Candy in packs of 3 for 45 Quna. 45 Quna comes around to $1.08. Each candy can be sold to a merchant for 100,000 Kinah. Therefore you can buy more than a million Kinah with a simple $5 investment.

Should you, though? I’m not your mother, I won’t tell you how to live your life.

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