Bad GaaS: Chocobo GP Premium Currency Expires

After five months.

I assume this will be hitting the rounds tomorrow in the press. Chocobo GP is out, Square Enix’s less capable competitor to Mario Kart 8 that somehow still costs $50. Chocobo GP has everything you could want out of a bad free to play mobile game; premium currency, daily rewards, weekly rewards, a battle pass, cash shop, and cosmetics. But Chocobo GP has something that is driving some players particularly up the wall. Get it? Racing joke.

Someone at Square Enix had the idea to make Mythril, the premium currency, expire.

Now the good news is that this only appears to apply to Mythril received for free, not the stuff you paid cash for. For players hoping to grind out currency over the long term to afford new racers or items, it may feel like a slap in the face for not digging out their wallet on a regular basis. It does make the game feel more like a predatory free to play mobile game in comparison to Mario Kart 8 which leads the market and simply sells racetrack DLC.

Chocobo GP is out on Nintendo Switch.

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