Hotcakes: Sun Classic Is Classic Webzen Incompetence

Broken and full of Chinese bots.

Soul of the Ultimate Nation is back, and so is that classic Webzen incompetence. Webzen is a developer/publisher I would generally stick in the lowest tier imaginable in terms of MMO companies. Their games for the most part suck, their customer service is abhorrent, their games coated in technical issues, their management is a pathetic joke, their programmers seem to be a revolving door of interns and immediate graduate hires, their servers are overloaded with Chinese bots that they refuse to deal with, and their portfolio is a graveyard of titles handled incompetently and run into the dirt after a rather short life span. Was that too kind? Let’s move on.

The point is, Soul of the Ultimate Nation is back and it is just as incompetent as you may remember from the olden days. How incompetent? Well it’s completely unplayable thanks to there being six channels total and all of those channels overloaded with Chinese bots. But if you’re thinking “I’ll persevere and try to keep logging in” you might still want to give the game a pass.

I perused the known issues thread and you know what’s broken? A lot of important things. Chat is completely broken. Area of effect spells are completely broken. Server access is pretty much impossible. The game forces you to log into the website in order to launch the client from your browser (you can’t just launch an app) only for the game to tell me my username and password were wrong. From the browser I was already successfully logged in from.

SUN Classic is a dollar store reboot of a dollar store MMO by a dollar store dev with dollar store programmers, for a game that frankly doesn’t do much to deserve the cash shop income that it hosts. A time will come in the distant future where the sun goes dark, wiping out all remaining life on Earth should any of it still exist at that time. At no point between now and that future should you expect Webzen to display a sign of competence or care in the release of its games.

And yes I’m aware that all MMOs have launch issues. But Webzen is especially awful in terms of launching and maintaining their games.

Otherwise I have no opinion on the matter.

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