Steam: Valve Bans Developer Yogurt Games

And their decidedly non-yogurt games.

Valve’s banhammer swung down and knocked out the interestingly named Yogurt Games, a Chinese developer whose name doesn’t quit fit their library of very much non-yogurt related titles.

The list of banned titles includes “Don’t Move This Block,” a title whose only commentary is over a busted achievement and one where you absolutely move this block. There is also “Your Wife,” one of the many cookie cutter waifu fighting games that show up on Steam using the same assets. “Teach the world to write Chinese characters” presumably is a game about learning Chinese. “Resident of Dimension” is a game I have no explanation for. “Wuru Painting Scroll” is an interactive novel unavailable outside of Chinese. “Lonely Red Night” also appears to be a walking simulator, unavailable except in Chinese. “The Unreal Journey of Mongol” is an interesting looking puzzle game involving a hot air balloon.

Meanwhile Valve also took aim and banned developer OnlyCake/Cloud Cake, two aliases of the same developer. Presumably for trying to sell the same game twice under very poorly veiled name changes (City of Hope, City of Brave). And also possibly because their other game Lord of the Sea apparently used stolen audio assets from Uncharted Waters.

Roughly a half dozen other developers got caught up in the ban wave with individual titles, but there doesn’t seem to be any connection to Yogurt Games or Cloud Cake.

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