Bless Remains Cursed, Shutting Down Again

Bless Unleashed on consoles.

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Impressions: AVA Global Is Broken Garbage

Alliance of Valiant Nitwits.

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Bless Unleashed May Demand Payment From Dupers

Players may need to buy stuff to get their account back.

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Peace In Bless Unleashed Costs Just $2/hr

Two dollars an hour for not getting attacked.

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Bless Unleashed Launches Today

Unleash your bless.

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Bless Unleashed Launches August 6

Mark your calendars.

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Bless Unleashed PC Release Delayed

Studio aims for a mid-July date.

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Bless Unleashed Beta Is Here

Join the beta today.

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Bless Unleashed Hits PC In 2021

Following the sunset of Bless Online.

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Bless Unleashed Reopens Estate Servers After Exploit

Compensation extended to May 26.

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