Bless Unleashed May Demand Payment From Dupers

Players may need to buy stuff to get their account back.

Bless Unleashed is kicking it live on PC, but over on the Xbox Neowiz isn’t having a fantastic week. Earlier today the company announced that players on Xbox were able to duplicate buyable packs, including the premium items and Lumena (premium currency). While most of the accounts were unbanned, according to the Bless Unleashed Twitter account roughly 20 could not have their bans reversed due to the amount of duped Lumena they spent.

Neowiz goes on to note that they may demand that players purchase Lumena to compensate for the amount of duped currency spent before they will unban the player accounts. It is unclear how the dupe happened as Neowiz gives a vague “issue with Xbox servers” and it is also unclear as to how much agency players had in replicating the dupe.

As of today, the team has unbanned these accounts, with the exception of ~20 accounts. These accounts in question took advantage of this exploit in ways that are preventing us from lifting their bans. They may be required to purchase Lumena to compensate for the amount they spent without purchasing, in order to bring their accounts out of a state where they owe Lumena to the system.

How much did the players spend? How much will they be expected to spend? Don’t know. If you happen to be one of those 20-ish players, we’d love to hear your ransom.

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