Peace In Bless Unleashed Costs Just $2/hr

Two dollars an hour for not getting attacked.

Bless Unleashed is here on PC, and before you dive in you might want to know what the situation is with player vs player combat. The answer is that after about level 30 the player starts entering areas of the world with open pvp combat. There is no option to turn off pvp. Well, at least not unless you’re willing to fork over that bread. Spend some cheddar. I’m mixing food analogies, I haven’t eaten yet today and I’m pretty hungry.

It is completely possible to turn off pvp in open world areas in Bless Unleashed, you just have to pay for it. An item in the cash shop allows you to turn off pvp for one hour. That item costs 200 gems which sell at a rate of roughly $1 per 100. So $2 per hour to not be attacked in the open world. What a deal.

Bless Unleashed is free to play on Steam. Unless you live in Belgium, South Africa, or the Netherlands.

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