Naraka Bladepoint is the Game To Watch

NetEase’s upcoming title draws in a lot of eyes.

Naraka Bladepoint may do really well or really bad, or perhaps even just average in terms of reviews when it releases this week, but I think it’s safe to say this is going to be a relatively big launch. As of this article’s publishing, Naraka has pulled in over 230,000 followers on Steam and that number is only going to go up in the next few days before launch. Naraka releases August 11.

Developed by 24 Entertainment and published by NetEase, Naraka Bladepoint is a 60-player battle royale. The draw here is better mobility and a grappling hook offering ease of movement. It’s also a battle royale game with a focus on melee combat, a rarity in this industry.

The base edition of Naraka Bladepoint runs $19.99 with the highest version at $49.99. I won’t change my stance on whether people should pre-order games (they shouldn’t) but this is certainly a game to keep an eye on as the week progresses.

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