Neverwinter Sells Solution To Problem It Made

Because balance of the game is important, but not as important as money.

Those of you who play MMOs know that developers tend to use binding mechanics as a way to balance the game’s economy and make it so equipment can’t re-enter the market. The whole goal is to slow the flow of items losing their value as players move on to better gear by not allowing them to sell it at liquidation prices. For better or worse, it’s a mechanic that is done in the name of balancing the game.

Unless you’re Perfect World Entertainment in which case it’s now just a mechanic for monetizing players.

Never known for not jumping on the opportunity to hold players upside down and shake their coins out, Neverwinter will allow players to buy unbind tokens and it’s done in just as sleazy a manner as you would anticipate. Dropping in small increments that will surely be balanced in a way to frustrate players into using the store? No doubt. Using varying amounts of nonsense currency to confuse users on its real value? Definitely.

Players will be able to use real money to buy the solution to the problem Perfect World created in order to later sell them the solution to at a point in the near future.

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