Steam: Nobody Likes AFK Summoner

Game literally has a 0% approval rating.

AFK Summoner is some mobile trash game that got dumped onto Steam by developer Tojoy Game and, shockingly, nobody likes it. Tojoy Game is one of roughly two hundred thousand shovelware developers operating out of China releasing cookie cutter idle gacha games on mobile. There’s a lot of words one can use to describe the company, and hack fraud are just two of them. Evidently someone at Tojoy figured the game might get a response if they put it up on Steam.

It didn’t go well.

In fact it’s gone so poorly that AFK Summoner has roughly a bakers dozen people in-game, and a 0% approval rating among Steam reviews. Which means nobody even bothered writing a sarcastic positive review. And that’s when you know the game is just not good.

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