Halo: Infinite’s Next Event Is Here

Cyber Showdown provides a showdown in the cyber space.

In the mess of Microsoft acquiring Activision, you may have missed the news that Halo: Infinite’s next event is live today. Cyber Showdown runs for the next two weeks and features a free 10-level battle pass. The level 10 reward is a cyber mohawk.

The event is centered around a new Attrition game mode, a 4v4 mode where players share a pool of lives with the goal being the last team standing. The trick here is that when lives run out, players remain on the field as a revivable orb, meaning crafty teams can make a comeback by reviving their dead teammates and turning the tide at the last minute. It’s an interesting strategy that I’ve seen used quite a bit during my time playing today. It also means that a bad player on the team will drag them down even further.

You have two weeks to complete the ten levels.

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