Tilted Towers Returns To Fortnite

Just wiped out Tomato Town.

Fortnite patch v19.10 is here, and that means one thing; Tilted Towers is back. Tilted Towers was introduced early on in Fortnite’s life and has become a notable spot for how many changes it’s seen over the years. Tilted Towers has been destroyed, rebuilt, destroyed again, rebuilt, covered in snow, destroyed by a meteor, rebuilt, destroyed by a volcano, rebuilt with a futuristic theme, rebuilt with a western theme, rebuilt as Gotham City, and then eventually destroyed completely with the end of the world.

But players can drop in starting today and revisit the land from their past.

The Island’s thaw goes on, and Tilted Towers has emerged from underneath the snow and ice! Go out on the town with this classic POI from Fortnite’s past: build to the top of its iconic clock tower, bust into apartments, stop by restaurants, battle it out in the underground parking garage, storm No Sweat Insurance’s office, and more on your urban excursion.

Players can find new Klombo creatures that spit out items when fed and can be used as a jump pad thanks to their strong blowholes. The grenade launcher is back and more reliable, while the Stinger SMG and MK-7 Assault Rifles have had their damages slightly reduced. The auto-shotgun now reloads faster as well.

Source: Fortnite

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