Old School RuneScape Drops Deets On 2023

That’s next year.

2022 is coming to a close and that can only mean one thing. 2023 is regretfully right around the corner. Jagex this week took to the internet to inform us about some updates coming next year. That’s 2023.

Upcoming updates to RuneScape in the next year include new quests, the Forestry: Way of the Forester expansion that adds a new way to level woodcutting in a cooperative environment, as well as new teas to brew that can be drunk to get various benefits. 2023 also brings back Bounty Hunter, a PvP game mode where players are assigned targets throughout the wilderness to hunt down for rewards.

And the biggest piece of the year, is that RuneScape players will vote on a new skill to be added into the game. More details in the coming year.

Source: Jagex Press Release

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