Old School RuneScape Re-Runs Deadman In May

Following 2021’s debacle.

2021 marked the return of Old School RuneScape’s Deadman Mode tournament, a month-long event where players create new characters on separate servers with hardcore pvp and exponentially increased progression enabled, all culminating in a final tournament that sees the winner crowned and prized ten thousand dollarydoos. Surprisingly the promise of big cash money plus the competitive nature of Deadman inspired some criminal behavior, and thanks to persistent network attacks over the course of the day the tournament finale didn’t go quite according to plan.

Well the folks at Jagex are re-running the Deadman finale, following months of buffering the game’s infrastructure to hopefully better withstand a future attack. The plan is to beta test the new changes in April, followed by a re-run of the finale in May.

After reviewing the results of the Beta tests – and assuming everything goes as planned – we’ll look to hold the re-run in May. We know there is no guarantee to completely prevent DDOS attacks, but with the improvements made to our protection, it should make it more preventable.

In other news, players can expect more details on the next Old School RuneScape league later this year.

Source: Old School RuneScape

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