Elyon Experiments With Making Game Better

For those of you who don’t want to be ganked constantly.

There’s an odd love affair between Korean MMOs and forced PvP, a function that isn’t generally received as well by western audiences. Such is the case with Elyon, a title that regularly forces players into PvP zones if they want to make progress on the game. And people don’t like that. And Elyon has lost 97% of its launch Steam count.

In an effort to actually improve the game in terms of user-friendliness, Elyon’s roadmap for the coming months includes the option of PvP and PvE channels to allow players who don’t want to fight other players to, well, not fight other players. As an additional experiment, Breakthrough items are being changed so that they no longer get destroyed on failed enhancements.

Starting with gamepad support, we will be introducing PvP & PvE based channels to reduce players’ stress caused by unnecessary conflicts between factions, and apply updates that will prevent Breakthrough equipment from being destroyed upon failing to enhance it.

We will also change the complex item upgrade methods and character progression patterns to be more intuitive and improve the game system so that our new as well as returning adventurers can easily adjust to the use of Skill Attributes, Rune Attributes, Rune Slots, etc.

Upcoming updates also include more classes, new raids, and more. Check it out at the link above.

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