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Perfect World Consolidating Forums

On May 4th, Perfect World Entertainment will merge all forums into a single location. The changeover affects all games in Perfect World’s library except for those that are already on the new system (APB, Swordsman, etc). If you only play one of our games, this migration will positively affect you as well. Beforehand, we were […]

Who Needs Proper Forums? Hi-Rez Has Reddit

I know what you’re thinking: “Omali, forums are for casuals. Hardcore developers prefer to use social networking sites who risk suddenly becoming irrelevant and unpopular.” I know this because that message is tied to a rock and thrown through my bedroom window once or twice a week (email is for casuals). Luckily, Hi-Rez has a […]

WWII Online Removed From By Cornered Rat Software

You may not have noticed that World War II Online suddenly went missing from earlier today. The main game page for WWII Online and the forum directory became inaccessible, although threads were not deleted and can still be reached and posted in with direct links. The removal came with no immediate comment by either […]

[Community Concerns] Antwerp And Emergency Maintenance

Welcome to another edition of Community Concerns, a weekly editorial that looks at specific issues affecting various MMOs. Most of our topics are submitted by readers and (for one reason or another) rely mainly on player testimony. Battleground Europe continues to rage on with a small yet very passionate and vocal community. World War 2 […]

I Love A Good Conspiracy Theory: LOTRO Forums Hacked?

Nothing says loving like a hot conspiracy bun in the oven, I always say. If you use the Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons forums, you’ve likely noticed that Turbine has taken them down due to an unspecified issue: We have identified a potential issue in the forum system.  As a precautionary measure […]

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