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Steam: Devs Cannot Discount Within 30 Days Of Price Increase

With the Steam summer sale upon us, it might be useful to look back at a not-so-new but not-so-well-known policy laid out by Valve in terms of how and when developers can put their games on sale. According to the terms of service as laid out by Valve, vendors are not allowed to discount their […]

Eve Online Bans Input Automation

CCP Games has posted an announcement on their forums that, beginning in January, input broadcasting and input multiplexing will be policed under a two-strike policy. While multi-boxing, running multiple instances of the game at the same time, will remain a perfectly acceptable venture in Eve Online, using macros to control multiple ships at the same time […]

Jagex Steps Back On Multi-Logging Rule

Jagex has altered their rules on multi-logging, or multiboxing as it is often known in other MMOs. Previously players have been restricted from logging into more than one account at the same time, as well as from transferring money or items between accounts. In a new announcement, Jagex has revealed that players are now allowed […]

Kickstarter Implements New Rules To Protect Users

Kickstarter is not a store, and the folks at Kickstarter Inc want potential backers to know this without question. In the Kickstarter articles here at MMO Fallout, I’ve made a point in reminding viewers that making a pledge is a risk, closer to investing in a company than pre-ordering a game. Regardless, there are a […]

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