Roblox Files Lawsuit Against YouTuber

For $1.6 million.

Roblox Corp. today announced a lawsuit against YouTuber Benjamin Robert Simon, reminding the public that there’s probably no bigger red flag for a person than being an adult Roblox YouTuber. The lawsuit was filed in the Northern District of California court, and accuses Simon of a myriad of charges including fraud, breach of contract, and tortious interference.

Simon is accused not only of using Roblox to harass users with racist and anti-Semitic messages, repeatedly circumventing Roblox’s attempts to ban him from the platform completely, and even sent bomb threats to the 2021 Roblox Developer Conference in October. According to the lawsuits, the extra security needed as a response cost Roblox Corp. approximately $50,000.

Defendant Simon is a 24-year-old Louisville, Kentucky resident and former Roblox user with a long history of fixating on and then harassing people, including Roblox users and employees. His latest bad acts have included making terrorist threats online to intimidate and deter Roblox employees and users and hacking around Roblox’s security measures designed to block him from the Roblox Platform.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the lawsuit accuses Simon of using the Roblox platform to upload photos of himself naked to be viewed by children (did we mention the guy is an adult Roblox YouTuber?) as well as soliciting the private details of Roblox users, targeting a gay Roblox staffer for personal harassment, and more. Simon has apparently enlisted the help of his notable following to obtain more accounts and circumvent repeated bans.

Roblox Corp. is asking for a permanent injunction against all of Simon’s conduct as well as damages in excess of $1.6 million. Considering the charges being levied against Simon, we can only hope that the civil case will be followed by a criminal charge.

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