Game Sales To Make You Hate Yourself

For being that person who bought your games day one.

Black Friday is upon us, and by that I mean it’s Wednesday and now that every store leaps over one another to get their sales out early the savings have already started. And what better way to ring in the sales than with a list of games to make you hate yourself for not being able to wait an additional few weeks? Yes I’m putting myself on Santa’s naughty list this year.

Those of you who bought Far Cry 6 when it launched on October 7 are hopefully not paying attention to the current 17% discount on the Epic Games Store, or how the game is 33% off on the PlayStation and Xbox store. Yes you could have saved $40 on the ultimate edition where two of the three DLC packs haven’t launched yet, by waiting a mere six weeks. And if you’re on Xbox for a simple $67 (normally $150) you could have bought a package including Far Cry 3, 4, 5, and 6. $6 more than if you bought the standard game on day one. Isn’t life funny?

Although you probably won’t be as bitter as the people who bought Just Dance 2022 which launched less than three weeks ago and is now 40% off on PlayStation and Xbox. Going down the Ubisoft trend, Riders Republic just launched on October 28 yet you can now get the game on sale for 33% off on PlayStation and Xbox. It’s also 25% off on Ubisoft store.

Having similarly launched at the end of October, Guardians of the Galaxy is presently 35% off on PlayStation and Xbox, as well as Steam. The Back 4 Blood is available at 30% off on PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam. Yes that 30% off includes everything including the annual pass that people paid full price for not even a month and haven’t even received the content for.

Deathloop released two months ago and is presently 50% off on Steam. Then there is New World which launched at the end of September and can be bought at 25% off. I could go on listing additional sales for games that just came out within the last two months, but aren’t we crying inside enough already?

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