Gamigo Releases Fiesta Online Update

Amatheon’s Corruption out now.

The latest update for Fiesta Online is up and running, and not tomorrow but today. The newest addition to the game introduces world boss Saerus Amatheon who may or may not be related to the whole “Amatheon’s Corruption” title of the update. Found near Saerus Amatheon’s Temple, the new world boss appears at 7p.m. on weekdays and 2p.m. on weekends, server time. The world boss has a low chance of dropping one of 14 new items on death.

Meanwhile corrupted events have been heavily changed with this week’s update. Not only will they be drastically shorter at 60 minutes instead of 180 minutes, but the cooldown between events has also been cut drastically shorter with 50% less kills required and bosses having 50% less health.

For more details on today’s update, check out the patch notes.

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