Broken Ranks Reforms Gear, Adds Boss


Broken Ranks is getting a new update. This week the folks at Whitemoon Games released details on the next update. Set for release in April, the update focuses on legendary gear to make it more useful at all levels. Players will be able to embed their gear with modifiers with legendary gear given slots to insert drifs.

The update aims at targeting all players regardless of level.

“We wanted to meet the expectations of our players by giving them something that will make the gameplay more exciting at various character levels. We bought out coffee from a nearby store, sat down, and brainstormed. After throwing many ideas into the trash bin, we finally came up with a concept that was met with a lot of positive feedback from our community. To be honest, we are very happy and grateful for all the comments. However, we’ll keep monitoring the situation to check if additional balancing is in order.” says the founder of the studio, Krzysztof Danilewicz.

Two new quests accompany the update along with an instance to challenge even max level players with an opportunity to acquire new gear. More details on the official website. The update drops in April.

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