Hotcakes: New Frontier Online More Dead

Even more dead than it was before.

New Frontier Online is a big pile of trash, not to mention another in a long series of scams perpetuated by gaming’s most incompetent developer Sergey Titov and his band of cronies over at Free Reign Entertainment. If you’re not familiar, New Frontier Online is the product of Free Reign scamming people who bought Wild West Online through a shell company.

Now New Frontier Online was abandoned by Free Reign back in March 2020, and because Titov never goes a day without working on his next swindle, the company went to work on Outbreak: New Dawn. Now Outbreak was revealed as a scam less than four months after it went into early access, where Free Reign abandoned it and gave those who bought in early the middle finger yet again. Outbreak itself being the latest relaunch of a revolving door of the virtually-identical never-finished zombie survival game that Free Reign has been scamming unsuspecting people with for the last decade.

New Frontier Online has kept its servers up in the interim, although no work is being done and Free Reign can’t even be bothered to keep in touch with their own Discord admins. And now they can’t even be bothered keeping the game functioning.

The Steam client for New Frontier Online no longer works, trying to connect will more likely than not give you a CDN error and you just won’t be allowed to connect. The CDN error has been going on for a while now, but it appears that the servers themselves are now completely offline. The same goes for Magnificent 5, the quickly-abandoned scam that masqueraded as a battle royale spinoff of the scam that is New Frontier Online.

So in case you were still wondering, New Frontier Online is still an abandoned scam, Free Reign Entertainment is still an inept group of scam artists, and Sergey Titov is still an embarrassment.

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