Wild West Online Denies Involvment By Sergey Titov

If there is one name in gaming the should be avoided at all costs, it is Sergey Titov. A name associated with some of the worst games of all time, including Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, Titov inspires little confidence in any product that his name is associated with, and it appears that the next title may be Wild West Online.

For more context, Sergey Titov was Executive Producer on the critically panned game The War Z, a Day-Z type game with zombies that was not only pulled from Steam over false advertising, was forced to change its name due to trademark disputes, but caught Titov in controversy after he referred to members of the community as “faggots,” the title has been renamed and relaunched as new titles each with mixed to negative reception, including one utilizing the Romero name. Many of the titles are either shut down or virtually abandoned outside of Infestation: The New Z.

Rumors began flying around that Sergey Titov was involved with Wild West Online in a now-deleted Reddit post. In a statement released on the official forums, 612 Games has denied that Titov is involved in the game, however the company is using the Nightshade engine.

“We’d like to address some concern that has been voiced regarding use of the Nightshade engine. Yes, we are using the Nightshade game engine from Free Reign Entertainment. However, 612 Games is neither a subsidiary of Free Reign, nor financed by Free Reign or Sergey Titov. 

Given his questionable past in releasing titles, it is understandable that gamers would be worried about any involvement from Titov.

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