Diaries From Fortnite: Wanta Shanta

Don’t you wanna?

Fortnite! It’s a game I keep coming back to no matter how many times I tell myself I’m going to quit. Which is never. Current dealings in Fortnite include a slow-burning Christmas event as well as the obvious ongoing seasonal content.

This weekend I decided to punch out a quest line to unlock all of Shanta’s accessories, and if you’ve been playing the game this season you know what an absolute pain that is. It’s not that the quest line is difficult, it’s just long and immensely repetitive. There are ten missions all of which require you to collect gem fragments from various points on the map.

The gem fragments themselves aren’t hard to find, they’re sitting out in the open. What made this quest line a pain to complete is that they open up sequentially, so you’ll collect the fragments and then open up a quest to collect more fragments, but half of them will be in the area you’ve already been collecting from. It’s possible to open up multiple lines and see how badly they overlap one another.

But I did it, and I managed to get more than 10 levels out of the battle pass in the process and completed God knows how many other missions in the process. I had a deeply awkward moment when two Jonesy skin characters rolled up in a four-wheeler and threw a peppermint at me.

Given Fortnite’s propensity for people acting weird, I assumed these were two players. But no, it’s a pair of NPCs that drive around the map throwing peppermints at people. It’s a testament to the game’s aesthetic that I didn’t want to kill these two, even though once I got close the second time I saw them they graciously got off the four wheeler and offered it to me. I declined, they got on and drove off again.

This game is weird as hell.

The best method I’ve found for completing certain tasks is to just not think about them. For example in the Christmas mission I had to do 50 damage with a snowball launcher, which if you can’t find a present is an absolute bitch to find. So I put it in my mental rolodex and after a few matches of pursuing other goals I finally managed to get one. And then I spent the next five minutes quaking in my boots that I’d be heatshotted by someone and immediately lose the launcher. It worked out fine, I got my one hit and finished the mission.

I suspected very few people would be sliding and it seems like the mechanic still hasn’t caught on. Not entirely sure if it ever will given it almost seems at odds with the rest of the game. Anyway, back to grinding.

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