Eden: New Dawn Sunset After 81 Days

Developers cite financial troubles.

Eden: New Dawn is dead after a mere 81 days in early access. The sandbox MMO launched on September 28 into early access for the price of $20 and achieved a whole all-time peak of six players. Developer Kingly Games took to Steam to announce on December 17 that the title would shut down in short order.

Due to financial difficulties we are unable to continue development of Eden: New Dawn, additionally we cannot afford to keep the servers running. We sincerely apologize for not being able to bring out the potential of this game, however due to lack of demand and circumstances outside our control there is nothing we can do. Refunds are available through the standard steam refund policy. Thank you for your continued support of Eden and Kingly Games.

File this one under why the MMO genre isn’t the place for inexperienced developers with no funding.

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