Quartz Hasn’t Had A Sale In A Month

Truly nobody cares about Ubisoft’s NFT venture.

Ubisoft Quartz is one of those rare moments we can all come together and laugh at the failure of big business. The NFT market has utterly collapsed with sales down 70% from April, while game developers increasingly bail on plans to incorporate the tech into their games, and those who do regularly face severe financial backlash from customers. But no piƱata has been quite as fun to come back and kick as Ubisoft.

MMO Fallout has been tracking Ubisoft Quartz sales since they were introduced back at the tail end of 2021, and the results get more miserable every month. Over at Objkt, one of two Quartz marketplaces, Ubisoft’s NFTs have not seen a single transaction since a pair of pants sold on February 5. On Rarible however the latest transaction is now over a month old, a sniper rifle sold on May 26 for 40 XTZ. 40 XTZ would have been about $75 last month.

Hope the seller didn’t sit on that crypto, as XTZ value dropped about 25% over the last month and that same sale is worth about $60 today. Despite doubling down on their commitment to NFT integration, Ubisoft has as of March ceased development of NFTs for Ghost Recon Breakpoint and has yet to announce integration into any of their other titles, existing or future. None of Ubisoft’s recent releases or near future releases have been officially linked to Quartz.

The entire trading volume of Quartz items amounts to approximately $3,246, meaning if you single-handedly cornered the entire market you’ll have enough money to put a down payment on a used 2020 Honda Civic.

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