Lost Ark Is Adding Captcha Pictures

What is this, 2003 Proboards?

Lost Ark is partying like it’s 2003, and adding CAPTCHA to stop bots and stuff. Will it work? Probably about as well as all of Lost Ark’s other anti-bot measures, and we’ll let you interpret that as you will. In case it’s not very obvious, I don’t think there’s a hell of a lot of faith that this system will do much to stem the flow. The patch goes live tomorrow.

Added a CAPTCHA system as an ongoing bot prevention measure. Sometimes when entering a new zone, you may be asked to submit a text CAPTCHA response within several minutes.

Now that being said, Lost Ark appears to have dealt a pretty major blow to bots. Or they drove off a lot of legitimate players, one or the other. You can look at June 14 when Amazon announced they’d be starting a rolling massive banwave, and see the population plummet down to less than one third of the population it was at prior to the ban.

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