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NCSoft Employees Caught Embezzling Development Funds

MMO Culture is reporting that three staff members have been fired after it was discovered that they were embezzling funds from Project HON, with the possibility that the police may become involved. It was apparently discovered that a third party company had been hired to handle graphics development with ties to the three employees. This […]

Blade & Soul Now F2P In Japan

MMO Culture is reporting that Blade & Soul has officially gone free to play in Japan. Players are able to play for free with an optional VIP membership, with details for that coming later this month. The article notes that players in Korea are upset at NCSoft now that Korea is apparently the last remaining pay-to-play region […]

Dragonball MMO Isn’t Coming To The West

Here at MMO Fallout, I have a list of foreign MMOs that fall into my Do Not Report file. This list is reserved for games that, in my untested and unscientific opinion, are likely to never hit western shores. The idea isn’t all that radical, when you consider that a majority of MMOs shut down […]

XL Games Layoffs Coming, Says Report

MMO Culture is reporting via Media IT that XL Games is about to undergo restructuring after the poor performance of ArcheAge in Korea. According to the report, recent updates including siege equipment were not received well by the community, with many complaints focused around ongoing balance issues between classes. The company’s decision to move ArcheAge […]

Rift Shutting Down In Korea

Games developed in the west that are then brought over to the east have a tendency to not break into the market enough to sustain profitibility. Rift’s death in Korea has arguably been written on the walls ever since Trion announced that the game would still be operating with a subscription despite the market’s heavy […]

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