ArcheAge: XL Games Promises Revamp, Stay Tuned

Stay tuned.

Today marked a very important Ask Me Anytime on Reddit with XL Games and Kakao regarding the upcoming transfer of ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained. In this AMA we learned that XL Games are looking at things and planning things. What kind of things? For when? That’s not as important. The important thing is that they are planning and looking.

Like the trade system.

We have plans to revamp the trade system. Please stay tuned.

And the crime system;

We are looking into revamping the crime system at the moment. We will share more information once it’s finalized.

Running multiple accounts.

We’re looking at various measures to reduce the benefit of running multiple accounts.


We will look into improving the trial/jury system to rectify issues of jury alts and such, as you mentioned.


 Fishing revamp is planned after trade system revamp.

Restricting alt accounts.

We’re looking at ways to restrict the benefits gained from alt accounts.

Not many concrete answers in this AMA. For the full set of questions and answers, check out this Reddit link. ArcheAge launches under Kakao’s publishing on December 2.

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