Activision Defends Abusers, Loses More Talent

Noted abuser Bobby Kotick remains as CEO of Activision.

As Activision continues to defend its abusive management, specifically one CEO Bobby Kotick, talent continues to depart from the developer. This week Jessica Gonzalez, senior test analyst at Blizzard, announced her resignation from the company to take a job outside the gaming sector entirely. Gonzalez is just one of the many voices within Blizzard demanding the resignation of Bobby Kotick.

Activision’s board of directors continues to defend CEO Bobby Kotick, himself accused of sexual harassment, protecting abusive management, and who once threatened to have an assistant murdered. As investors, employees, and the heads of all three major console companies as well as countless outside parties join in on demanding Kotick’s resignation, Activision’s claim that they are committed to rooting out abuse doesn’t seem to be convincing anyone. Especially when the abuse goes all the way up to the top with CEO Bobby Kotick, who we will reminder viewers has threatened to murder a subordinate on at least one occasion.

Fire Bobby Kotick.

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