Jagex Will Discuss RuneScape Monetization On November 5 Stream

RuneScape. Financially the game is in a fantastic position; back in May we discussed how Jagex had posted a 9.3% increase in overall revenue with subscription numbers at their highest ever in the game’s history thanks to the launch of Old School mobile. But all has not been great on the western front. MMO Fallout […]

World of Warcraft Squishing Levels Down To 60

Blizzard is crushing your head. Blizzcon came and went this weekend and World of Warcraft players received confirmation on a feature that many probably knew was coming months ago. Blizzard officially announced that World of Warcraft will see an arguably much deserved level crunch as the max cap goes from 120 to 60. Current level […]

Blizzcon 2019: Blizzard Eats Humble Pie, Gives Audience What They Want

As I have said over the past couple of weeks, the best thing that Blizzard could do with Blizzcon 2019 is to give the audience what they want. Blizzcon 2019 is officially upon us and it started with President J. Allen Brack coming out and apologizing for the company’s actions and response to criticism following […]

Nontroversial: Blizzard and the Disappearing Half Million

Now I’m mad at Blizzard just as much as the next guy, which is why this article is going to hurt me more than it does the people who I am about to point out. Today is October 31, 2019 of the year of Arnold, and that can only mean one thing; it’s time for […]

Mystic Character Class Available In Black Desert (Xbox)

Black Desert today released a new update introducing the Mystic class to the Xbox One. The Mystic utilizes the gauntlets and vambrace and prefers close combat. More information can be found at the official website.

RuneScape In Your Pants: Mobile Early Access Is Live

RuneScape mobile has entered early access on Android phones, allowing gamers their dream of finally carrying the MMO around in their pants. Users who take advantage of the early access will be gifted a mobile founder’s pack which contains a steel panther combat pet, a unique rest animation, and radiant dawn armor. Product director Jason […]

Valve Changes CS: Go Keys To Combat International Fraud

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is making some changes to its keys this week and you can thank international fraudsters for that. Starting today, Counter Strike container keys will no longer be traded or sold on the market. Players are able to earn cases that contain weapon skins while playing Counter Strike but must buy keys […]

Bad Press: Kotaku’s Owner Demands Removal of Article Criticizing Obnoxious Ads

How do you guarantee that something will gain traction on the internet? Try to silence it. Kotaku today penned an editorial from the staff explaining to readers that ads are not at the discretion of the editorial team. More specifically, the editorial team has no input over the obnoxious automatically playing video ads with sound […]

IPE Update: Epic Games v. ABC Moving Forward

Epic Games is moving forward with its lawsuit against Acceleration Bay (ABC) following an order denying the defendant’s motion to dismiss. Taking the initiative upon itself, Epic Games filed suit several months ago against Acceleration Bay, seeking a declaratory judgment that their game Fortnite did not infringe on patents owned by the defendant. The lawsuit […]

ArcheAge Disables ArchePass After It Collapses Economy

New version, same old tricks. Gamigo has announced that the ArchePass, ArcheAge Unchained’s version of the battle pass, has been disabled following massive backlash from the community regarding the pass’s impact on the in-game economy. Player frustration grew to a boiling point over claims that the pass introduced an overwhelming amount of gold to the […]

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