[Breaking] Daybreak Undergoing Fourth Set Of Layoffs In Two Years

Daybreak Game Company is laying off more people, a statement that has become all too familiar over the past couple of years. While an official statement has not been made by the company, Daybreak (now ex) programmer Alex Hoffman posted that today was his last day at the company as part of a “studio wide […]

Gamigo Immediately Cans Plans For Gifting Premium Items in ArcheAge Unchained

Gamigo has dumpstered an idea so fast, the news was barely able to report the original story. Today’s ArcheAge stream caused a bit of an uproar when Gamigo announced that they were going to allow gifting premium items from the cash shop on ArcheAge Unchained. Since Unchained is supposed to be the version that didn’t […]

Desert Dragon World Boss Comes To Black Desert PS4

Black Desert has a new world boss on PS4 in the form of Nouver. Pearl Abyss released the new boss earlier this week along with a new world boss timetable. World bosses spawn across all worlds simultaneously and share their HP across all servers. Nouver drops a sub-weapon box that contains powerful items allowing players […]

Epic Games: We Would Not Ban Political Speech

With Blizzard being tossed into a shallow grave and spat on by the public reaction to it banning and stealing thousands of dollars in prize money over a player expressing support for Hong Kong, it was only a matter of time before other developers showed up and used this opportunity to score some quick PR […]

[Hearthstone] American Team Displays “Free Hong Kong” Sign At Match

Blizzard just can’t catch a break. When the dumpster fire that was Blizzard’s PR kerfuffle occurred yesterday, folks like myself noted that if Blizzard thought the situation would get better, they were dead wrong. If anything, it’s going to get worse. Much worse. Following the news that Blizzard had banned a Hearthstone player and rescinded […]

Angry Blizzard Employees Cover “All Voices Matter” Sign

Today has not been great for Blizzard following the company’s decision to silence and ban a Hearthstone competitor during the Grandmaster tournament after he expressed support for Hong Kong during a live interview. In their attempt at damage control, Blizzard released a statement and then shut down comments on the website. The Blizzard Reddit has […]

Rant: Blizzard Robs Hearthstone Player Of Winnings To Appease China

Another day, another Activision subsidiary acting in a heartless, sociopathic manner. The Hearthstone 2019 Grandmasters took place this week, and very likely the only thing the public will remember of it once all is said and done is that Blizzard once again kowtowed to an abusive dictatorship because that sweet, sweet cash is just to […]

RuneScape and Old School Announce Updates At Runefest

This past weekend was Runefest and that means big updates coming for both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. First up the big news is that RuneScape is getting a new skill. Archaeology will see players digging up fossils and all sorts of relics and powerful objects that have been lost to time. Archaeology is set […]

Editorial: Writers Guild Holds Game Award Hostage, Nobody Cares

The Writers Guild of America has decided to take the video game award portion of its show hostage, and who the hell cares? In case you weren’t aware, the Writers Guild of America has a video game category of its award show that shows the respect and acknowledgement to great writers in the industry and […]

Runefest 2019: Jagex To Discuss New Skill (Archaeology) Today (10/5)

This weekend kicked off Runefest, Jagex’s festival to all things RuneScape. If you want to see some cosplay, buy some merch, and play RuneScape with other people who also enjoy RuneScape enough to fly to England and buy a ticket to a weekend convention, you’ve come to the right place. Among the upcoming content to […]

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