Amazon Says Fine, Unmergers Your Servers

New World gets new servers to replace the ones they merged.

Back in July New World killed off a good number of its servers, leaving at least one region of the game with exactly one server to play on. But it had the unexpected, yet not entirely unsurprising, effect of making some servers far too populated leading to the same frustrating queues players experienced during the game’s original launch leading Amazon to create the servers that they later merged. It’s all a cycle, don’t you know.

New servers have opened up in US East, South America, and Central Europe. Three in total. The good news is that anyone can transfer to them, and yes they are fresh worlds. The bad news is that Amazon won’t be footing the bill for the solution they made to a problem they also deliberately caused. You’ll need an existing transfer token or to buy one from the shop in order to jump ship to the new server. There also won’t be a character increase for the new server, so if you just want to roll a new character you’re out of luck if already at the limit.


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