Kingdoms In Chaos: It’s Abandoned, Jim

Early access MMO added to list after two years.

Kingdoms In Chaos is dead, Jim. Since we’re coming up on the two year anniversary of the game’s launch, I figured I’d boot up Kingdoms in Chaos and see what the game’s been up to. The first sign of trouble should have been the fact that the game hasn’t received an update in over a year now. The developer hasn’t posted anything since November 2021. Concurrent player count? 0.

Kingdoms in Chaos is free to play and doesn’t sell DLC via the Steam store, which is great because the server is completely nonfunctional. Try to launch it and you’ll get a login screen that never connects to a server that is no longer online, and no way to create an account.

I’m fairly certain you’re not even supposed to see that login screen as the game should be using your Steam login as an account. There is no link to create an account, or register using the client, and also there’s no third party website you could even register on.

Developer Perish Arts has, perhaps unironically, seemingly perished in the intervening year. There is no indication that the developer is still around. I tried looking the company up and, shockingly, Perish Arts is not a legally registered Canadian business according to the Canadian Registries, either active or inactive.

Hopefully you didn’t buy Kingdoms In Chaos when it was $12, otherwise you lost $12 that could’ve been spent on delicious Popeyes chicken wings.

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