Gran Skrea Online Is Shutting Down

Abandonware title.

Less than four years after its launch into early access, MMO Gran Skrea Online is throwing in the towel. In a post titled Gran Skrea Offline, the dev notes that the issues plaguing the game became too monumental to take care of while public interest in the game had plummeted due to all the problems. Recognizing that the game wouldn’t have a chance without major financial investment, the decision was made to shut it all down.

Servers will go offline June 1.

Sorry for the silent treatment, we’ve kept the server up in maintenance mode while considering how to move forward with the game but honestly no real epiphany ever came. So now we’ve sadly come to the conclusion that due to lack of resources to support the game, we’re stopping sales and finally shutting down the server indefinitely starting from June 1st.

You can find the dev team working on their next title under the developer name Olipa Games called The Black Grimoire: Cursebreaker. Cursebreaker is a single player game so it may not be as much of an unmitigated dumpster fire. That’ll have to be seen.

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