Destiny 2 Phasing Out Elemental Currencies

Caps increase next week, gone next season.

The latest This Week At Bungie is out. Alongside a schedule of releases over the next few months, the folks at Bungie revealed their plans on how weapon crafting will function going forward in Destiny 2. Introduced with the Witch Queen expansion, players are currently tasked with acquiring a number of new currencies to craft and reshape their weapons. The response to injecting several new currencies hasn’t been fantastic, especially given the rather low caps on each currency.

In response, Bungie notes that currency caps will increase from 250 to 1,000 with next Tuesday’s update. The neutral element cap will increase from 8,500 to 10,000. In the next season most of the currencies will be removed with neutral elements being the only remaining currency.

Next Season, we are removing Ruinous, Adroit, Mutable, Drowned, and Energetic elements. Only Neutral Elements will remain.

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