Steam: 2K Games Tears Down WWE Library

Every game from WWE 2K17 to 2K20 has been delisted.

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Riders of Icarus SEA To Sunset In August

Accounts will not be migrated.

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Shadow Arena Is Officially Dead

Game to sunset this year.

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Legends of Aria To Get Delisted This Month

As part of the relaunch.

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Gamigo Sunsetting Atlas Rogues

Later this year.

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Forsaken World To Sunset This Year

Gearbox hath forsaken us.

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Netease Shutting Down Rules of Survival

Game already pulled from Steam.

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TERA Shutting Down June 30

Following ten years of definitely being a thing.

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Total War Battles Pulled From Steam

Ahead of closure later this month.

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Shadow Redemption Cancelled Pre-Launch

Game now shows as discontinued.

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