Alganon Is All Back And Stuff

Derek Smart promises more in the coming months.

Alganon is back. It’s been nearly five years, but Alganon is in fact back. How do I know? Derek Smart posted on the official game news page “we’re back baby!” and legally you can’t post that unless you are in fact back. Alganon’s servers were taken down back in late 2017 for some migration to new datacenters, and it doesn’t take a genius to know that the game’s been offline ever since. We’ve been hearing some hums and haws over the years from Smart, and it looks like those plans are finally coming to fruition.

The news post notes that Alganon will be wiping player characters for its full relaunch, with the game seeing an actual full worldwide release (Alganon was never technically released outside of North America) as well as some marketing to boot. The website is back up as is the Steam page.

While I can’t yet divulge the nature of the path forward, I can safely say that in the coming months the game will once again be available publicly – but in a staggered release format. This means that it won’t be a wide release, but instead be based on an invite-only process at various stages until the work is completed and the final release goes wide.

There will be a server wipe of all characters and stats, though we will retain legacy accounts. The reason for this is to prevent legacy players from having an advantage over gamers new to Alganon. That said, we plan to compensate (in-game Tribute tokens) those legacy players based on the value and quality of their characters and assets.

Alganon is back. The world is ready to heal.

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