Eve Online Dips Another Toe In Pay To Win

Pay for play.

Eve Online has players angry today, and the root cause is another case of Pearl Abyss dipping its toes into the ever-inviting pool of pay to win monetization. Released this week, CCP Games put out a Prospector Pack for Eve Online. For $24.99 players receive one PLEX, 30 days of game time, and a fully outfitted Retriever ship.

The reason people feel this is pay to win is that Eve Online has always run on the idea that ships and gear should be player crafted. One of the slogans for Eve Online is that everything is built by players, so having the game poof hulls out of nowhere isn’t going to go down well with a number of players. Especially those who build and sell the Retriever ships in-game.

If you’d like to take a break before the next “gamers are upset” article, you’ve got just about enough time to soft boil an egg.

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