Bungie Raises Ukraine Aid, Boycotts Russia

Russian gamers will be unable to buy stuff.

Bungie this week joined the chorus of western businesses speaking out in favor of the Ukrainian people. In a post on the official website, we received the results of last week’s Game2Give charity initiative. Bungie promised to give 100% of proceeds during the first 48 hours to humanitarian aid supporting the people of Ukraine. The result? $120 thousand smackeroos.

Players proved once again that they’re Guardians of the world, raising $120,000, and we cannot thank each and every donor enough for their contribution. Bungie will also continue to match our own employee donations donation to any additional U.S. based 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.

Also announced today, Bungie is working with their partners to suspend commerce in Russia and Belarus. This means players in those regions will be able to play Destiny 2 but will no longer be able to buy silver (premium currency) or buy new expansion packs. Bungie joins Sony who also recently announced suspension of sales in Russia, as well as numerous other companies within and outside the gaming industry.

Players will receive a code with this Thursday’s TWAB to show support in-game for Ukraine.

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