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Bad Press: Witness One Angry Gamer Content Manager’s Racist Meltdown (Language Warning)

Today’s Bad Press article is less of an article and more of an image gallery. It comes to us from One Angry Gamer, specifically content manager William Usher (BillyD) having an absolute emotional breakdown over people criticizing the game Star Citizen, of which Billy has personally invested a substantial amount of money for a video […]

[NM] Assassin’s Creed Forums Struck By Trolling Over Skin Color

If you’re looking to rustle some jimmies or meme it up on the Assassin’s Creed Origin forums, you might want to think twice or risk the wrath of some overworked, twitchy moderators. The forums are undergoing an apparent fumigation after they were targeted by a collective of trolls and angry gamers responding to so-called “blackwashing,” […]

[Community] The Nontroversial Fizzle Of One Guild’s Emblem

It wouldn’t be Monday on the internet, or any other day for that matter, if we weren’t discussing someone getting offended over a non-controversial issue. Those of you who read Massively OP, as I myself do, found an article late last week complaining about an “offensive” guild symbol in Black Desert Online that a reader […]

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