Bad Press: Witness One Angry Gamer Content Manager’s Racist Meltdown (Language Warning)

Photographed: Disgraced ex-attorney Jack Thompson and not William Usher.

Today’s Bad Press article is less of an article and more of an image gallery. It comes to us from One Angry Gamer, specifically content manager William Usher (BillyD) having an absolute emotional breakdown over people criticizing the game Star Citizen, of which Billy has personally invested a substantial amount of money for a video game. You can see his true colors come out in the comments below.

Comments were snapshotted by myself to authenticate, and the page has been archived (also by myself) to preserve it on the off-chance that they get deleted. This is one angry gamer, and these comments are certainly not for the faint of heart. It appears that at least one contributor to One Angry Gamer has already quit the website over Usher’s tirade.

Obviously his comments speak only for himself and not for the rest of the OAG staff or its readers.


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