Stadia Is Dead, Another Dead Google Service

Google abandons yet another service.

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Babylon’s Fail: Platinum To Sunset In 2023

Just short of its one year anniversary.

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Elyon Is Dead, Servers To Shut Down

December 7.

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Bless Remains Cursed, Shutting Down Again

Bless Unleashed on consoles.

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Riders of Icarus SEA To Sunset In August

Accounts will not be migrated.

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Shadow Arena Is Officially Dead

Game to sunset this year.

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Legends of Aria To Get Delisted This Month

As part of the relaunch.

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Gamigo Sunsetting Atlas Rogues

Later this year.

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Steam Boots New Frontier Off Of Store

Sergey Titov’s scam gets busted.

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Daybreak Has Cancelled Its Marvel Game

Writes off millions in losses from the doomed project.

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