Blizzard Silencing Abusive World of Warcraft Players


Blizzard has unveiled new policies surrounding players using abusive language in World of Warcraft chat, primarily in how the game will deal with people who receive numerous reports.

Under Blizzard’s new system, players who are reported multiple times will receive an account-wide penalty. Silenced players will be unable to speak in most chat channels, cannot send mail, send party invitations, create calendar events, or send war game invitations and duel invitations.

Silenced players will still have access to whisper chat with friends/raids, create parties/raids, share quests, and talk in global chat when a moderator is present. Chat is restricted for 24 hours on first offense, with each subsequent action doubling that time with no maximum. The tenth silence on an account, for example, will last 12,288 hours or 512 days.

Silenced players are restricted on an account-wide basis.

(Source: World of Warcraft)

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