Divergence Online Slips Back Into Obscurity


Divergence Online is an on-again, off-again MMO looking to replace the defunct MMO Star Wars Galaxies. But while Star Wars Galaxies still has thousands of people playing it, albeit on private servers, the first couple of months in early access seem to have left Divergence Online in the dust. This weekend brought in a peak of 5 concurrent players while the last month or so has seen server populations as high as twelve. There are presently two people online at 9:00pm EST on Sunday evening.

Granted, for all the grandstanding about internet celebrities demanding free copies of the game, it appears that gamers haven’t exactly been rushing for the chance to fund a trip down nostalgia lane. Divergence Online peaked at 63 concurrent players during its initial launch phase on Steam and sharply declined over the following weeks. Steam Spy estimates upward of 2,400 people own the game. Given a genre that relies on an active userbase, Divergence Online may have trouble bringing in new customers to fund its early access development.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to play a functioning version of Star Wars Galaxies with an active community, it exists.

(Source: Steam Charts)

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