Ex-Greed Monger Developer Reveals Lawsuit Threats


Greed Monger dev James Proctor has announced via Facebook and the official forums that he is no longer employed at the indie dev.

Effective today I am ending ALL association with Greed Monger, ElectricCrow Games, and Jason Appleton… I want to say thank you to all of the supporters and community. You guys have been great! You will not be forgotten and I promise you I personally will see to it that I make things right with you guys! I will have more details on the usual channels as things proceed.

According to Proctor, Jason Appleton threatened to sue him when he attempted to leave the development team two years ago for “personal reasons.” While all we have is Proctor’s word for the moment, the allegation would line up with Appleton’s history of legal threats against MMORPG.com, specific users, and Wurm Online, over negative discussion about Greed Monger and Appleton himself.

(Source: Greed Monger)

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