How The Exiled Handles Server Activity


The Exiled is an upcoming game that promises to blend MOBA combat in a sandbox MMO, and the developer has detailed the final alpha test for 2016. Sandbox MMOs, as well as the rest of the genre, pretty much live and die based on server population, so what do you do when the population gets too low? It is nearly 2017, so if you haven’t automated the process, you’re going to be left behind.

In The Exiled, the latest alpha release notes point that servers will shut down if the population reaches a low enough level that players can’t fight off attacks.

Game worlds now require an active player base to defend against daily attacks on the valley. If players on one game world do not manage to donate enough resources to the defense, this world dies and all players on it will migrate as refugees to a different, more active game world.

You can check out more on The Exiled at the official website. MMO Fallout will be covering the game further.

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