IPE Update: Digital Homicide Needs A Lawyer


(Update: This detail was pointed out by a reader. The document has been stamped as “not in proper form” and “subject to rejection by the court.)


Small IPE update this week. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but Digital Homicide is in severe need of a lawyer. Today’s update is just two pages consisting of two very short paragraphs, expanding upon the previous set of updates.

The document itself is a request for the court to accept the motion in response to Stanton’s motion to dismiss the case. Translated to English, the request says “please accept that last set of documents I submitted.” Romine has no idea if the document is required, but he filed it anyway and apologizes if it is a waste of the court’s time.

This is only submitted as the term “Opposition” was not specifically stated in those two documents. The Plaintiff was unaware if this was a required statement and felt it may need to be stated officially. Apologies if this is obvious and unnecessary.

The presence of a lawyer could have saved this lawsuit from several follies, such as the existence of this document or that “aforementioned” is one word and not two.

The Plaintiff files this Affidavit in Opposition with these two afore mentioned documents as Opposition and the undersigned requests the Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss be denied.

For those of you keeping score on the motion/response score count, we are now in Digital Homicide’s motion in response to the defendant’s motion to dismiss the plaintiff’s opposition in response to the defendant’s motion to dismiss the plaintiff’s case.

It makes sense in legal circles, not much elsewhere.

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3 Responses to “IPE Update: Digital Homicide Needs A Lawyer”

  1. ImaLemming says:

    Careful, DigiHom might sue you for implying they’re incompetent.

  2. sirmathmansir says:

    wrt “It makes sense in legal circles” … it also makes sense in kindergarten circles. “Did not” “Did too” “Did not” “Did too” “Did not” “Did too” “Did not” “Did too” “Did not” “Did too” “Did not” “Did too” “Did not” “Did too”

  3. RaigaPhantomX010 says:

    I just found this out recently on reddit and apparently, Romine already filed a second lawsuit against 100 steam users and other ones for $17,967,500.


    And based on what someone mentioned, this might consider him to be a “vexatious ligitant”.

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