Pirates of the Caribbean Online Revived by Fans


It’s hard to speak negatively about private server operators sometimes. After all, for every guy who runs a World of Warcraft server because he think it’ll be a good way to make some money, there’s another guy who simply wants to play his favorite MMO again. It’s rather depressing when a company chooses not only to shut down their servers, but actively shuts down operators willing to pick up the slack. No one wins in those cases, not the players who want to continue playing a game that the publisher deemed no longer viable, nor the company that puts its ex-customers in an adversarial position.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, advertising private servers is not allowed here at MMO Fallout, unless the servers come with the express permission of the publisher. In this case, Pirates of the Caribbean Online fans have apparently been given the blessing of Disney to recreate the MMO. The game is strictly non-profit, 100% free to play, otherwise Disney will sue.

(Source: Alpha Beta Gamer)

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